Sticky Baits Krill: The Ultimate Fishmeal Boilie?

When it comes to fishmeal boilies, there aren’t many (if any) that have had the same impact as The Krill from Sticky Baits. Although krill has been used in different baits for decades, Sticky really stepped it up a level when creating The Krill range of baits.

I would bet that the majority of carp anglers have tried The Krill at some point since its release in 2012, with Tom Maker in particular proving to be a big fan of this fantastic fishmeal. It has accounted for numerous personal best captures and has broken multiple lake records both here and on the continent (my own PB from Willow Bank on the Todber Manor complex was tripped up by a krill wafter).

The Krill is still as popular today as it was a decade ago and definitely ranks as one of the best fishmeal boilies in carp angling history. Let’s take a closer look and see if this is the right bait for your next campaign.

Sticky Baits The Krill

Quick Look

Like most good manufacturers, Sticky Baits market a small range of baits that are really, really good. Whether you choose The Krill, Manilla or Bloodworm, you know that you are getting a quality bait that is packed with quality ingredients. This fishmeal boilie certainly packs a punch, proven by the captures of enormous carp in the UK, Europe and beyond.

  • Price (5kg)
  • Texture
  • Product Range
  • Effectiveness


Quality ingredients

Highly soluble

Extensive product range


Boilies are expensive if bought per kg

What Is Krill And Why Do Carp Love It?

Krill are small crustaceans that live in the ocean and are a source of food for whales, penguins and seals, as well as many different species of fish. We already know that krill is used to create fishing bait, but it is also one of the main ingredients in the creation of fish food for use in aquariums and also in the pharmaceutical industry. While we may use krill oil to enhance a spod mix, it can be consumed by humans to lower blood pressure, stave off heart disease and reduce the risk of stroke.

Krill has an extremely high protein content (60%) and also contains many of the essential amino acids that carp do not produce, so will therefore actively seek it in their diet. Those essential amino acids will also attract other species too, creating that feeding frenzy that will encourage carp to come and check what all the fuss is about!

What Other Bait Products Are In The Krill Range?

The Krill range of boilies is complemented by a variety of different hookbaits, pellets, powder, paste, liquids, sprays and glugs, all offering that same krill flavour profile to enable you to make some appealing bait combos.

Krill Hookbaits

The Krill hookbait range is extensive, with an assortment of different colours, shapes, sizes and buoyancy levels available. The pop-ups are available in 12mm, 14mm and 16mm sizes, with colours including white, pink and brown that matches the boilies. The wafters come in 16mm and dumbbells, with the same colours available. For those circumstances when you are being plagued by birdlife or crayfish, the Tuff Ones will be the perfect choice to ensure that you remain presented at all times.

Krill Pellets

The Krill pellets are available in a range of sizes to suit all fishing situations. Personally, I combine the 2.3mm pellets, 4mm pellets and the Active Mix to create a potent stick mix that will draw inquisitive carp into your area. A 6mm option is also produced, with all 3 sizes available in 900g or 2.5kg bags.

Krill Active Mix

As I previously mentioned, I often use the Active Mix when making bags or sticks, but it has a number of other uses. One possibility is to coat your free offerings in the Cloudy Krill Liquid, sprinkle a liberal amount of the Active Mix over the top and mix it up – the result will be similar to the Krill Active boilies. Another excellent trick is to mix some of the Active Mix and Cloudy Krill Liquid and spod out small amounts over your baited area, letting it disperse slowly through the water column. The Krill Active Mix is available in 900g and 2.5kg bags.

Image by: Sticky Baits

Krill Paste

There are many anglers who use paste throughout the year with excellent results. Personally, I tend to only use paste during the winter months when bites are few and far between. With carp being much more dormant during the colder months, paste is the perfect way of maximising attraction without introducing too much bait. It boasts a super-fast breakdown time, so wrapping a little paste around your hookbait (or even pinging out a couple of small paste balls) can emit signals that are enough to rouse carp from their slumber and encourage them to investigate your baited area. Available in 280g tubs (which may not sound like a lot, but it lasts a long time if used sparingly).

Cloudy Krill Liquid

The Cloudy Krill Liquid is potent! (Top Tip: don’t spill this in the kitchen just before your partner comes in!). Perfect for rehydrating boilies, adding to your spod mix, wetting The Krill Active Mix or soaking your pellets, the Cloudy Krill Liquid creates a shadow of attraction over your baited area, enhancing the already irresistible array of goodness that awaits the unsuspecting carp. The Cloudy Krill Liquid is available in 1 litre bottles.

Krill Bait Spray

The Krill Bait Spray is marketed as a lighter alternative to the thicker, heavier glugs and liquids. Personally, I like to add a couple of squirts to my pots of hookbaits to enhance their flavour, while it is also perfect for giving stick mixes a boost before casting them out. The best thing about the bait spray is that it doesn’t affect the buoyancy of your hookbaits, so you can heighten their flavour, safe in the knowledge that your rig mechanics remain unaffected. (Note: The Krill bait spray absolutely stinks, so try not to pick your nose after getting it on your fingers!)

Krill Glug

Although perfect for use at any time of year, The Krill Glug is another component that I use more often during the colder months. When the temperature drops, I am reluctant to use too much bait, so The Krill Glug is the perfect way of introducing the maximum attraction with the minimum of fuss. It can be used as a glug for hookbaits, a dip for stick mixes or can be added to solid bags to really pimp up your offering. Available in 200ml bottles, this really is a winter winner!