Carp Fishing Rigs: Bottom Baits, Wafters Or Pop-Ups?

Find out what presentations you should use, and why.

Carp anglers have literally hundreds of rigs to choose from and, to be honest, it can often leave us second-guessing ourselves as to whether we have made the right choice.

While it is absolutely necessary to be prepared for every possible scenario, that doesn’t mean that we need several wallets filled to the brim with every rig imaginable.

Ultimately, what you need is a small number of rigs that cover every base in terms of presentation, allowing you to spend more time on your watercraft and bait application.

Which Is The Best Rig For Carp Fishing?

The above is kind of a trick question, as there isn’t a rig that can be fished successfully in every possible scenario. What might be the best bottom bait rig on the planet isn’t necessarily going to lend itself well to a situation that needs a pop-up. Likewise, the most deadly wafter rig isn’t going to catch you many fish if they are all up in the layers.

The purpose of these articles is to give you an insight into which rigs work well in different situations, allowing you to make an informed choice about which rigs you wish to tie (or buy) to give you the utmost confidence in your angling.

Ronnie Rig

The Ronnie (or spinner) rig has actually been around in various forms for quite a while, though it has only reached the mainstream angling population in more recent years. Its popularity has certainly increased exponentially, with many anglers now using it as their “go-to” rig for pop-up presentations.