Carp Fishing Humour: The Funniest Carp Fishing Stories

The finest satire and real-life carp fishing tales. For when you need a laugh.

To be a successful angler you need skill, confidence and, whether you believe it or not, a certain amount of luck. Although the cameras may suggest otherwise, even the best anglers in the world have blank sessions at some point. There are, however, certain tactics that you can employ to maximise your chances of a bite whenever you are out on the bank.

I believe that watercraft is the main skill that separates good anglers and great anglers. Yes, there is an element of luck with carp fishing, but when some anglers catch fish no matter where they go, it cannot be attributed to luck.

Some of the best anglers I have ever seen leave no stone unturned when they are hunting their quarry. They learn everything there is to know about their chosen lake (depths, substrates, features) and monitor the movements of the carp so they know where they will be, and at what time of day.

The Best Hints, Tips & Tricks For Carp Fishing

Along with watercraft, learning about weather patterns and moon phases can also help your angling immensely. The articles here will help you understand when is the best time of year to go fishing, what end of the lake you should set up at and how to find the fish (even in the depths of winter).

World Casting Record

A carp angler has broken the world record for the longest ever cast while fishing during Storm Eunice. Danny Longchuck, 28, set the record while halfway through a 172.5 hour session on his local syndicate during the fiercest storm that the UK has witnessed in over 30 years.