Lizard Lakes Fishery: Everything You Need To Know

Lizard Lakes Fishery is in the beautiful village of Yiewsley, West Drayton, which is located just to the south of the famous Colne Valley. Being surrounded by some of the most prolific lakes in carp fishing history means that Lizard Lakes Fishery flies under the radar, so we’ll find out in this article what this day ticket fishery has to offer.

There are 2 lakes on the complex – a general coarse fishing lake which is more suitable for anglers targeting mixed species, while the boilie-only lake is home to the larger specimens of the complex.

Day Ticket Carp Fishing In London

With many lakes in the immediate vicinity, Lizard Lakes Fishery often gets overlooked by the carp fishing fraternity, but let’s see what makes this complex so popular among its loyal followers.

Lizard Lakes Fishery

Quick Look

Lizard Lakes Fishery is a day ticket lake in London that offers opportunities for anglers of all abilities. The coarse lake is ideal for those looking for a mixed bag of different species, while the carp lake has the potential to throw up a few larger specimens.

  • Cleanliness
  • Facilities
  • Peg Spacing
  • Ticket Price


Fair Ticket Price

Good chance of a few bites

Mature surroundings


Pegs are quite close together

Some of fish show signs of damage

Directions To Lizard Lakes Fishery

Lizard Lakes Fishery is conveniently located close to the M4 and M25 motorways. While it is great to have such popular motorways within close proximity, anyone who has travelled on them will know that they are notorious for traffic jams!

For those who aren’t familiar with the area, the fishery is situated approximately 3 miles north of Heathrow Airport, so be prepared for plenty of overhead aircraft.

Lizard Lakes Fishery: A Brief Introduction

Located near the village of Cowley, Lizard Lakes Fishery is a complex that comprises of 2 lakes, making it ideal for anglers of all abilities and disciplines.

Coarse Fishing Lake

The general coarse fishing lake is approximately 2 acres in size and boasts tree-lined banks and reed-lined margins. Most species are present here, with a good head of carp, bream and roach, in particular.

The average sized carp in this lake is between 6-8lb, though there are some double-figure fish to be tempted once you have sifted through the smaller ones.

Carp Lake

On the opposite side of the road is the carp lake, which also extends to around 2 acres in size. It is slightly wider than the coarse lake and has similar features to its neighbour, though it is does offer the deepest water of the 2 lakes.

While other species are also present, carp are the predominant fish in this lake, with the average size being in the low-mid double figure range.

Biggest Carp At Lizard Lakes Fishery

In the general coarse fishing lake, the largest carp you are likely to come across will be in the region of mid-upper double figures, though there are rumours to suggest that fish to low 20’s have been banked.

Naturally, the carp lake is home to the largest specimens on the complex. The lake record is in excess of 30lb, while there are numerous other fish that have taken the scales past the magical 20lb barrier.

Image by: Fish Around

Choosing A Peg At Lizard Lakes Fishery

With only 2 acres of water to target, any of the pegs are capable of producing bites. The shallower areas do tend to produce better results during the warmer months, while the deeper areas really come into their own as winter draws in. The margins are hotspots in most of the pegs, so ignore them at your peril!

Successful Baits At Lizard Lakes Fishery

Typically, the carp are hungry at Lizard Lakes Fishery, so any bait within reason should give you a chance of a bite.

If you want a particular bait to try your luck with, a cube of luncheon meat presented in the margin always works well. Many of the regular anglers also claim to have had good results with Sticky Baits Krill boilies.

Facilities At Lizard Lakes Fishery

Lizard Lakes Fishery boasts an on-site tackle shop which sells a selection of essentials along with a comprehensive range of Mad Baits boilies. There is also a cafe which is open at the weekends, offering a range of meals, snacks and drinks.

Many of the pegs are Lizard Lakes Fishery are suitable for wheelchair users.

Parking At Lizard Lakes Fishery

There is a car park located conveniently near to the lakes which offers parking for multiple vehicles. Access to the car park is from Trout Lane.

Ticket Prices At Lizard Lakes Fishery

Day tickets cannot be purchased in advance, but are available from the ticket machine in the car park. Tickets are priced at £10 per day for adults, with concessions for juniors and seniors. Night fishing is available at weekends.


The coarse lake at Lizard Lakes Fishery is ideal for anglers looking for a few bites or youngsters learning the art. If you are looking to connect with a better stamp of fish, then the carp lake will be a better choice.

Lizard Lakes Fishery certainly isn’t one of the “A Team” of lakes in the area, so if you are looking for a good head of enormous carp, then this likely isn’t the venue for you.

Have you ever fished at Lizard Lakes Fishery? If so, please let me know in the comments.