Sticky Baits Manilla: The Ultimate Year-Round Bait?

I am a firm believer that almost any bait fished in the right place will produce better results than a wonder bait fished in the wrong place. With that being said, there are certain baits that give you extra confidence that they will produce a bite. For me, Manilla from Sticky Baits is one of those baits.

Billed as a year-round bait, Manilla has been a revelation since Sticky launched it in 2016. Many of the most well-known anglers in carp fishing have given it a go, with Tom Maker in particular enjoying some red-letter winter sessions while using Manilla. It has accounted for some of the finest carp in the UK and on the continent and, despite its popularity, the results are showing no signs of slowing down.

What Flavour Is Sticky Baits Manilla?

While the name might be the ultimate giveaway, this is actually the most asked question surrounding the Manilla range of baits! I can confirm that the Manilla bait range takes its name from the delicious Madagascan vanilla extract that is the main contributor to its flavour profile.

What Other Bait Products Are In The Manilla Range?

Sticky Baits do a great job of supplying a matching range of products for their 3 main flavours. The Manilla range of boilies is complemented by a variety of different hookbaits, pellets, powder, paste, liquids, sprays and glugs.

Manilla Hookbaits

The Manilla hookbait range is extensive, with an assortment of different colours, shapes, sizes and buoyancy levels available. The pop-ups come in 12mm, 14mm and 16mm, while the wafters are available in 16mm and dumbbells. For those circumstances when you are being plagued by birdlife or crayfish, the Tuff Ones will be the perfect choice to ensure that you remain presented at all times.

Manilla Pellets

The Manilla pellets are available in a range of sizes to suit all fishing situations. Personally, I combine the 2.3mm pellets, 4mm pellets and the Active Mix to create a potent stick mix that will draw inquisitive carp into your area. A 6mm option is also produced, with all 3 sizes available in 900g or 2.5kg bags.

Manilla Active Mix

As stated above, I often use the Active Mix when making bags or sticks, but it has many other uses. One option is to coat your freebies in the Cloudy Manilla Liquid and then sprinkle a generous amount of the Active Mix over the top and give it a good mix – the result will be similar to the Manilla Active boilies. Another devastating trick is to mix some of the Active Mix and Cloudy Manilla Liquid and spod out small amounts over your baited area, letting it disperse slowly through the water column. The Manilla Active Mix is available in 900g and 2.5kg bags.

Image by: Sticky Baits

Manilla Paste

I know many anglers who use paste throughout the year with excellent results. Personally, I tend to only use paste during the winter months when bites are harder to come by. With carp in their cold-weather slumber, paste is the perfect way of maximising attraction without introducing too much bait. Boasting an ultra-fast breakdown time, wrapping a little paste around your hookbait (or even pinging out a couple of small paste balls) can emit signals that are enough to make the most dormant carp investigate your baited area. Available in 280g tubs (which may not sound like a lot, but it lasts a long time if used sparingly).

Cloudy Manilla Liquid

The Cloudy Manilla Liquid smells good enough to drink! (Disclaimer: I wouldn’t recommend this). Perfect for rehydrating boilies, adding to your spod mix, wetting the Manilla Active Mix or soaking your pellets, the Cloudy Manilla Liquid creates a shadow of attraction over your baited area, enhancing the already irresistible array of goodness that awaits the unsuspecting carp. The Cloudy Manilla Liquid is available in 1 litre bottles.

Manilla Bait Spray

The Manilla Bait Spray is marketed as a lighter alternative to the thicker, heavier glugs and liquids. Personally, I like to add a couple of squirts to my pots of hookbaits to enhance their flavour, while it is also perfect for giving stick mixes a boost before casting them out. The best thing about the bait spray is that it doesn’t affect the buoyancy of your hookbaits, so you can heighten their flavour, safe in the knowledge that your rig mechanics remain unaffected.

Manilla Glug

Although perfect for use at any time of year, the Manilla Glug is another component that I use more often during the colder months. When the temperature drops, I am reluctant to use too much bait, so the Manilla Glug is the perfect way of introducing the maximum attraction with the minimum of fuss. It can be used as a glug for hookbaits, a dip for stick mixes or can be added to solid bags to really pimp up your offering. Available in 200ml bottles, this really is a winter winner!