Which Is The Best Bedchair For A Bad Back? 7 Tried And Tested

For anglers who suffer from a bad back, it is extremely important to sleep comfortably, especially when fishing for extended periods of time.

I have a herniated disc in my back, so this is something that I have spent a lot of time considering for my own fishing.

With so many bedchairs on the market nowadays, it can be a bit of a minefield when it comes to selecting the one that is correct for you.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best bedchairs on the market for anglers who suffer from back pain.

Advanta Endurance 6 Leg Memory Foam Bedchair

Advanta is the in-house brand of tackle giant, Angling Direct. Launched in 2011, Advanta has grown rapidly and now offers around 200 different products.

Their memory foam bedchair has gained many positive reviews from carp anglers, especially those that suffer from back pain.

The memory foam mattress is fleece-lined, making it an additional source of warmth on those particularly cold nights and can help those anglers who suffer from muscle soreness. The mattress can also be removed from the bedchair for cleaning, which is an excellent feature when you consider the amount of dirt that we tend to pick up while on the bank.

Image by: Angling Direct

This bedchair can be laid out completely flat and the 6 legs can be adjusted individually if required. A nice touch is the concealed pocket on the underside of the mattress, which is perfect for storing your wallet, keys, mobile phone etc.

This bedchair falls into the standard weight ballpark at just over 12kg, though it does weigh less with the memory foam mattress removed. Overall, it is a fantastic bedchair that is extremely comfortable and the only slight complaint that I would have is that it doesn’t fold particularly flat when transporting it.

You can visit Angling Direct to check the latest price.

Advanta Endurance 6 Leg Memory Foam Bedchair At A Glance:

Brand: Advanta

No. Of Legs: 6

Weight: 12.2kg

Size: 213cm (L) x 86cm (W) x 37cm (H)

Avid Benchmark Memory Foam Bedchair

The Avid Benchmark Memory Foam Bedchair is the one that I have currently and it provides me with the best night’s sleep I have ever had in all my years of carp fishing.

The memory foam is 50mm thick and it moulds perfectly to the outline of my body, allowing my shoulders to remain comfortable for the whole night (I blank quite regularly, so often get 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep!)

I always found that the mattress on my previous bedchair would feel hot during the summer or cold during the winter, but the temperature of this mattress remains comfortably consistent.

Image by: Avid Carp

It boasts a 6 leg design which offers a completely flat sleeping position unless the legs are extended to your preferred position. The adjustment of the legs is very simple and ensures that the bed remains sturdy, regardless of how uneven the terrain is.

I decided against purchasing the full sleep system as I already had a decent sleeping bag. However, the oversized hinges enable the bedchair to fold down and still accommodate my bulky sleeping bag quite easily.

On its own, the bedchair weighs approximately 12kg, and with my sleeping bag included, the total weight is just over 15kg.

This is a super-comfortable bedchair that allows me to sleep without any fear that I am going to wake up with pain in my back. In addition, it is extremely well priced considering the quality of the product.

You can usually obtain this bedchair at a good price from Johnson Ross Tackle.

Avid Benchmark Memory Foam Bedchair At A Glance:

Brand: Avid Carp

No. Of Legs: 6

Weight: 12kg

Size: 210cm (L) x 85cm (W) x 37cm (H)

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Fox Flatliner 8 Leg Bedchair

When I was in the market for a new bedchair last year, the 8 legged Fox Flatliner was firmly on my radar. However, it was already slightly out of my budget and then I found an unbelievable deal on the Avid Memory Foam Bedchair, making my final decision a bit easier.

However, as this bedchair had made my shortlist, I did go to check it out in person several times (the guys at my local tackle shop probably thought that I was casing the joint!)

I found it to be an incredibly comfortable bedchair, boasting a 50mm mattress that is equally firm from head to toe (one of my first bedchairs sagged in the head and feet sections, making for an extremely uncomfortable night’s sleep). The outer lip of the mattress is also well-padded, which would no doubt be extremely softening during those times when you accidentally bash your elbow against the framework.

Image by: Fox

Underneath the mattress, there is a zip which allows for easy attachment of any of the Flatliner sleeping bags and there are double hinges that allow the bedchair to be folded with a sleeping bag inside.

While the additional legs do make this feel like an extremely stable bedchair, the trade-off is that they contribute to the overall weight of 16kg (not including a sleeping bag). For me, weight is of little importance as long as the bedchair enables me to rest my back without any pain, but it might be a consideration for others.

Although I never spent a night on this bedchair, I did test it out on multiple occasions for extended periods of time. It felt extremely comfortable and boasted the typical high quality that we have come to expect from Fox.

Total Fishing Tackle usually stock this bedchair at a competitive price.

Fox Flatliner 8 Leg Bedchair At A Glance:

Brand: Fox

No. Of Legs: 8

Weight: 16kg

Size: 215cm (L) x 84cm (W) x 38cm (H)

Nash Indulgence Sleep System

Nash have been responsible for some of the best bedchairs on the market over the years.

The Indulgence Sleep System is no different and has achieved legendary status within the carp fishing community. There are many options to choose from, with different lengths, widths, heights, leg formations and seasons available.

With all of the different options available, it can become confusing. To summarise, here is what you need to know:

  • Nash SS3 has 2 main sets of legs, with one supporting leg at the head of the bedchair
  • Nash SS4 has 2 main sets of legs, with one supporting leg at the head of the bedchair and a supporting leg at the base of the bedchair
  • Nash SS3 has a standard height of 32cm, extendable to 40cm
  • Nash SS4 has a standard height of 38cm, extendable to 51cm
Image by: Nash Tackle

The sleeping bag element comes with heavy-duty crash zips and inner baffles, meaning that you are able to easily exit the sleeping bag when the inevitable one-toner rips off, and also maintain a consistent temperature in all areas of the bag.

The lumbar support is extended across much of the underneath and is also fully adjustable to suit each angler’s individual needs. The finishing touches are the inclusion of a USB connectivity point to assist with charging smart devices, and mesh pockets on either side of the bedchair for storing valuables.

For anglers who do most of their fishing in spring, summer and autumn, the 4 season version is probably ideal. For the hardcore among us who venture out in the sub-zero temperatures of winter, the 5 season option is the way to go.

You can visit Tackle UK to check the latest price.

Nash Indulgence Sleep System At A Glance:

Brand: Nash

No. Of Legs: 5 or 6

Weight: From 9.5kg

Size: 212cm (L) x 87cm (W) x 32cm (H)

Saber C-Class DPM Bedchair

The Saber C-Class DPM Bedchair is a new bedchair for 2020, so it isn’t one that I have actually got my hands on yet. However, it does possess many of the features of their legendary Big Boy bedchair, so it should be equally as good.

Ideal for anglers who suffer from a bad back, this bedchair offers a 6 leg system which folds out completely flat and has excellent lumbar support. It is also lighter than its predecessor, which should help to alleviate additional strain from carrying or loading a bulky bedchair onto a barrow.

Image by: Saber Tackle

This offering also possesses the same size dimensions as the Big Boy bedchair, so it measures a whopping 220cm in length and an impressive 98cm in width.

This bedchair includes the same soft-touch fleece mattress that was present on its predecessor, while a high-quality DPM fabric covers the surrounding frame.

As the cheapest bedchair on this list, it is an ideal solution for anglers who suffer from back pain and don’t want to break the bank.

This bedchair can be purchased directly from Saber Tackle.

Saber C-Class DPM Bedchair At A Glance:

Brand: Saber

No. Of Legs: 6

Weight: 9kg

Size: 220cm (L) x 98cm (W) x 31cm (H)

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Solar SP C-Tech Bedchair

Boasting a wealth of features to help anglers who suffer from any sort of discomfort in their back, the SP C-Tech Bedchair is the flagship offering from Solar.

The first thing that you will notice about this bedchair is how well it is made. It is partially constructed with 3D DuraDore, a weather-proof material that repels water and, if it does get wet, dries within minutes. The padded edging is covered with suede and the mattress has air pockets for ultimate comfort.

Image by: Solar Tackle

The Spring-Loc leg adjustment allows for stable positioning, even on the most uneven ground, while a unique ultra-lumbar support mattress ensures that your sleeping position can be completely flat and will not sag. Finally, the twin-pivot hinge system allows this bedchair to be folded completely flat, even with the sleeping bag still in place.

You can visit Johnson Ross Tackle to check the latest price.

Solar SP C-Tech Bedchair At A Glance:

Brand: Solar

No. Of Legs: 6

Weight: 12.9kg

Size: 205cm (L) x 80cm (W) x 30cm (H)

Trakker Levelite Lumbar Bedchair

The Trakker Levelite Lumbar Bedchair came very highly recommended when I was in the market for a solution which would help to alleviate my bad back.

A problem that exists with many bedchairs is that the mattress is only secured in the centre section, which can contribute to any back pain or muscular problems that anglers might be having. The Trakker Levelite Lumbar Bedchair has a full-length lumbar support which distributes your weight evenly and is the foundation of this firm, yet comfortable bedchair.

Image by: Trakker

There isn’t any memory foam on offer here, but the mattress is constructed from a high-density foam that offers support and comfort in equal measures.

The aluminium and steel frame helps to keep the weight of this bedchair at under 12kg and the unique leg mechanism ensures that you sleep on a level bed, even on the most unforgiving ground. Like some of the other options listed, this bedchair boasts large hinges that enable a large sleeping bag to be folded up inside for transportation.

England Angling often have good deals on this bedchair.

Trakker Levelite Lumbar Bedchair At A Glance:

Brand: Trakker

No. Of Legs: 6

Weight: 11.5kg

Size: 215cm (L) x 87cm (W) x 30cm (H)


For any angler who suffers from a bad back, one of the bedchairs listed in this article should provide a comfortable night’s sleep.

It is important to remember that not all bedchairs are customised to your individual comfort straight out of the box, so it might take some time to adjust the tension of the cords on the rear of the bedchair to your particular liking.

Which bedchair do you have? Do you use a comfortable model that isn’t on this list? Please let me know in the comments.