Carp Fishing Lakes In Staffordshire: Best Day Ticket Venues

Known for being home to Alton Towers, Robbie Williams and its namesake bull terriers, Staffordshire boasts many claims to fame.

We can also add a number of day ticket specimen carp lakes to that list of accolades, as this beautiful county offers a plethora of fisheries where anglers are in with a chance of beating their personal best.

Carp Lakes Near Me In Staffordshire

With day ticket carp lakes dotted all over this vast county, we have researched the best fisheries in Staffordshire so that you can find the ones nearest to you (or further away if you are looking for something unfamiliar).

Let’s take a look at the best day ticket carp lakes that Staffordshire has to offer.

Baden Hall Fishery (Eccleshall)

Baden Hall Fishery is located in Eccleshall, approximately 10 miles from the centre of Stafford.

Arguably one of the most famous fisheries in the country and definitely the most popular in Staffordshire, the Baden Hall complex has a variety of lakes catering to all types of anglers. For carp anglers, there are 3 specimen lakes and 3 runs waters.

The first of the runs waters is Middle Pool. At 8 acres in size and boasting 53 wood-chipped pegs, the lake is heavily stocked with carp from low doubles to upper twenties, offering good form all year round.

Although there are deeper holes to around 9ft in places, the average depth is around 6ft. The lake has a predominantly clay bottom.

The most sought-after fish in the lake is an orange koi that has been captured in the past at close to 30lb. Anyone who catches this fish wins a free 48hr session.

Lodge Pool is around 4 acres in size and is another prolific runs water. This lake offers an array of features, with mature margins, sunken islands and a central island among the main targets. Fishing is available from its 28 pegs, with average depths of around 6ft.

The deepest of the runs waters is Dam Pool. The average depth here is around 7ft, with deeper areas to around 10ft. The margins are also deep, so maintaining a stealthy approach can enable carp to be caught from under your rod tips.

Again, there is a good head of carp from low doubles to upper twenties, with the lake boasting a clay bottom and 23 well-positioned pegs.

Image by: Baden Hall Fishery

Glovers Pool is the newest addition to the range of the specimen lakes, having only opened for fishing in 2015. This 6 acre lake used to be a sand and gravel quarry, so the water is blessed with an abundance of natural food which has really helped the growth rates.

With each of the 8 pegs positioned on one bank, each angler plenty of water in front of them (as well as the opportunity to fish the near and far margins).

The stock includes a plentiful supply of carp that have crossed the 20lb barrier, supported by a number of fish that weigh in excess of 30lbs, up to a lake record of 42lbs.

Bridge Pool is a beautiful 8 acre lake with 10 bivvy-friendly pegs. With the exception of peg 8A, all of the pegs are on one bank. Peg 8A is opposite peg 8 and is situated in the widest part of the lake – created strategically to stop the carp using that area of the lake as an unreachable sanctuary.

Bridge Pool is generously stocked with carp, lots of which are exceeding 20lbs (as well as several fish over 30lbs). The lake record is currently 39lbs, though it won’t be long before the 40lb barrier is crossed.

And last but by no means least, The Quarry is the jewel in the crown of the Baden Hall complex. Extending to around 12 acres in size, it is a mature lake which is surrounded by an abundance of greenery and overhanging trees.

Each of the 18 pegs on this lake has its own cabin, all of which are spacious enough to accommodate a bedchair, fishing tackle and any other creature comforts that you like to bring along. Each peg offers plenty of features, from margins and deep holes, to gravel spots and shallow areas.

The Quarry is extremely popular with anglers hoping to bank one of the lake’s larger residents, with numerous carp weighing in excess of 20lb and a good head of fish that have crossed the 30lb barrier. Several of the specimens in this lake have tipped the scales at weights in excess of 40lb, with the largest capture to date weighing an astonishing 52lb.

Each of the pegs on the specimen lakes will be supplied with landing net, weight sling, unhooking mat and water bucket. Facilities on the complex include a car park, toilets, water taps and a tackle shop, as well as a cafe on weekends. The gates are locked from 6pm to 9am in the summer and from 5pm to 9am in the winter.

Baden Hall Fishery Day Ticket Prices:

Day tickets are available for Middle Pool, Lodge Pool and Dam Pool. Day tickets run from 7:30am until dusk and are priced at £12, with 24 hour tickets priced at £25.

Bookings on the specimen lakes are for a minimum of 24 hours and commence at midday. Tickets for Glovers Pool and Bridge Pool are priced at £30, while tickets for The Quarry will set you back £35.

Baden Hall Fishery At A Glance:

Name: Baden Hall Fishery

Location: Eccleshall, ST21 6LG

Biggest Carp: 52lb+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £30

Call: 01785 850313

Bishton Farm Pools (Rugeley)

Bishton Farm Pools is located in Little Haywood, around 3 miles from Rugeley.

This Staffordshire complex comprises of three spring fed lakes which cater to pleasure anglers and specimen hunters alike.

Pool 1 is aimed at pleasure anglers and is mainly stocked with silver fish, though it does hold carp to mid-double figures.

Pool 2 is the runs water of the complex. Stocked with mirrors, commons and ghost carp, the lake record is 23lb.

Image by: Bishton Farm Pools

Pool 3 is the specimen lake of the complex. It is a well-established water with small central islands and productive margins. The average size carp is low/mid double-figures, with the lake record currently weighing 26lb.

There is a secure car park on-site and toilets are available for use by anglers.

Bishton Farm Pool Day Ticket Prices:

Day tickets are available for all 3 lakes and are priced at £7 (2 rods) or £10 (3 rods). Night fishing is available and tickets are priced at £20 for 24 hours, but must be booked in advance.

Bishton Farm Pool At A Glance:

Name: Bishton Farm Pools

Location: Rugely, ST19 0XE

Biggest Carp: 26lb+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £7

Call: 07976 507 474

Chorley Springs Fishery (Lichfield)

Chorley Springs Fishery is located in Chorley, approximately 6 miles from Lichfield.

The complex consists of 5 picturesque pools, all of which are spring-fed, ensuring good oxygen levels and an abundance of natural food for the residents.

Top Pool, Middle Pool and Bottom Pool are small lakes that are aimed at pleasure anglers, though each of them contains carp to low double-figures.

Runs Pool is just under an acre in size and holds 23 pegs, so it can become cramped with more than a handful of anglers fishing at any one time. With that being said, it is very picturesque and boasts 2 mature islands among its main features. The average size carp is just scraping the double-figure mark, though the larger residents of the lake are in excess of 20lb.

Image by: Chorley Springs Fishery

Specimen Pool is the lake that most carp anglers head for when fishing Chorley Springs Fishery. Although it is only an acre in size, it is the biggest lake on this Staffordshire complex and boasts 9 pegs. It is a beautiful and mature tree-lined water, with two central islands and plenty of features such as weeping willows and productive margins.

The largest fish on the complex reside here, with a good head of double-figure carp, numerous fish that are in excess of 20lb and a lake record of 31lb.

There is on-site parking and toilets for the convenience of anglers.

Chorley Springs Fishery Day Ticket Prices:

Day ticket for Specimen Pool and Runs Pool are priced at £10, overnight tickets are £15 and 24 hour tickets cost £20. Annual tickets are also available.

Chorley Springs Fishery At A Glance:

Name: Chorley Springs Fisheries

Location: Lichfield, WS15 4LR

Biggest Carp: 27lb+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £10

Call: 07564 999 582

Carp Lakes Near Me

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Coppice Lane Pools (Lichfield)

Coppice Lane Pools is located in Hammerwich, around 4 miles from Lichfield.

While there is a total of seven lakes at Coppice Lane Pools, we are only going to focus on one of them – the specimen lake.

Extending to approximately 2.5 acres in size, Coppice Mill is the largest lake on the complex and also holds the largest fish.

Image by: Coppice Lane Pools

It is home to 100 carp that are all double figures, with a variety of strains stocked so that the carp differ in appearance.

The average size is mid/upper double-figures, with a good head of 20lb+ fish and the larger residents of the lake crossing the 30lb barrier.

On-site facilities at this Staffordshire water include a cafe, shop, car park and toilets.

Coppice Lane Pools Day Ticket Prices:

Day tickets are priced at £15 and are valid from dawn until dusk. Night fishing is allowed but must be booked in advance, with 24 hour tickets costing £25. Anglers are allowed to fish with a maximum of 2 rods.

Coppice Lane Pools At A Glance:

Name: Coppice Lane Pools

Location: Lichfield, WS7 0JY

Biggest Carp: 30lb+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £15

Call: 07933 488986

Hamstall Fishery (Rugeley)

Hamstall Pleasure Fishery is located in Hamstall Ridware, approximately 5 miles from Rugeley.

The complex comprises of a stretch of river and 5 lakes. The river, Pool One and Pool Three are ideal for pleasure anglers, with silver fish and small carp in abundance.

Pool Two and Pool Four have both been redeveloped in recent years, with the small fish being removed and stocked with double-figure carp. The maximum number of anglers on these lakes has also been reduced, with each now offering 8 well-spaced pegs.

Pool Two has the added benefit of a luxury lakeside lodge which is available to rent (minimum booking is 3 nights), while Pool Four boasts the deeper water of the 2 lakes.

Both lakes are classed as “doubles” waters, with each holding lake record carp to over 20lb. With the focus now on carp fishing and the removal of the smaller fish, it won’t be too long before both of these lakes have lake records in excess of 30lb.

Image by: Hamstall Fishery

Pool Three is the specimen water of the complex and also the largest at 1.5 acres. This is a beautiful and mature venue, surrounded by overhanging trees and greenery. With just 7 well-spaced pegs, anglers are guaranteed a sense of isolation and tranquility.

Apart from a few smaller carp that are the results of successful spawning, all of the carp are over 10lb in weight, with the average size being mid/upper double-figures. Commons have been recorded to over 25lb and the lake record is a mirror that weighs in excess of 30lb.

Hamstall Fishery Day Ticket Prices:

Day tickets are available for the doubles pools and the specimen lake, priced at £15 and £20 respectively. Night fishing must be booked in advance, with 24 hour sessions costing £20 for the doubles pools and £25 for the specimen lake.

Hamstall Fishery At A Glance:

Name: Hamstall Fishery

Location: Rugeley, WS15 3RZ

Biggest Carp: 30lb+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £15

Call: 07495 430416

Other Day Ticket Carp Lakes Near Staffordshire:

Millbrook Fisheries (Stoke-on-Trent)

Millbrook Fisheries is located in Wetley Rocks, around 8 miles from Stoke-on-Trent.

The complex was acquired by the current owners in 2011 as a mixed coarse fishery called Millpool. In the years that followed, the small fish were removed, carp were stocked and the number of pegs was reduced to 12. The name was then changed to Millbrook Fisheries, and it opened as a specimen carp complex in 2015.

Set in 8.5 acres of beautiful Staffordshire countryside, the lake itself extends to 4.5 acres and has 2 central islands. The lake bed is relatively flat and silty, with several hard spots to be found throughout. Depths range from 4ft-7ft, with an average of around 5ft.

Image by: Millbrook Fisheries

The lake was stocked with approximately 200 carp, with almost all of them now weighing in excess of 20lb (and at least thirty of those crossing the 30lb barrier).

The lake record weighed 39lb 15oz when most recently captured (how is that for honesty?!), though it will most definitely take the scales past the magical 40lb barrier the next time it visits the bank.

The stock consists of a mixture of big shouldered commons and heavily-scaled mirrors, all of which are pleasing on the eye.

The complex is covered by CCTV, has toilet and shower facilities and you can charge your electrical items at the office.

Millbrook Fisheries Day Ticket Prices:

December 1st-February 29th:

48 hour sessions – £60

Wednesday 10:00am-Friday 9:30am

Friday 10:00am-Sunday 9:30am

Sunday 10:00am-Tuesday 9:30am

Closed on Tuesday each week

March 1st-November 30th:

72 hour sessions – £100

Wednesday 10:00am-Saturday 9:30am

Saturday 10:00am-Tuesday 9:30am

Closed on Tuesday each week

Millbrook Fisheries At A Glance:

Name: Millbrook Fisheries

Location: Stoke-on-Trent, ST9 0BN

Biggest Carp: 40lb+

Lake Size: 4.5 acres

Price: From £60

Call: 01782 550 522

Seighford Lakes (Stafford)

Seighford Lakes is located in the village of Seighford, approximately 3 miles from Stafford.

There are 5 lakes on the complex – a syndicate lake, a specimen carp lake, a carp lake, a runs water and a trout lake. We will take a look at the specimen carp lake, the carp lake and the runs water.

Braybrooke is a beautiful tree-lined lake of around 1 acre with a total of 11 pegs. It boasts lovely, mature margins and has a central island. The stock level is roughly 100 carp, with an average size of 12lb-15lb and a lake record of 28lbs.

The Maze is the runs water of the complex and offers 45 pegs over 3 acres of water. It is heavily stocked with carp, most of which are scraper-doubles, with the larger carp in the mid-20lb bracket.

Image by: Seighford Lakes

Swan is the specimen carp lake of the complex and covers around 3 acres of water, accommodating 11 pegs. There are 2 spits of land that separate the lake, and an additional spit where peg 11 is situated. The lake has an average depth of around 7ft, though some deeper and shallower areas do exist.

It is estimated that there is close to 200 carp in the lake, with the average size being 20lb. The lake record is currently in excess of 34lb.

Seighford Lakes is managed by Monster Particles. As a result, all particles used at the complex must be purchased from Monster Particles.

Seighford Lakes Day Ticket Prices:

Day tickets for The Maze are priced at £5, with 24 hour tickets costing £10. For Baybrooke, day tickets are £10, while 24 hour tickets are priced at £10 during the week and £20 at weekends. Day tickets for Swan are priced at £10, with 24 hour tickets costing £15 midweek and £25 at weekends.

Seighford Lakes At A Glance:

Name: Seighford Lakes

Location: Stafford, ST18 9LQ

Biggest Carp: 34lb+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £10

Call: 07860 789138

Staffordshire Day Ticket Carp Lakes Conclusion

Staffordshire boasts some of the finest day ticket carp lakes in the country, some of which especially popular with anglers from the wider Midlands area.

If you are looking for a low-stocked pit, an easy runs water or something in between, there will be something for you in this beautiful county.

Have you ever fished at any of these Staffordshire venues? If you have, which lake is your favourite? Please let me know in the comments.