Carp Fishing Lakes In Lincolnshire: The Best Day Ticket Venues

Lincolnshire has given us Margaret Thatcher, Jennifer Saunders and the beautiful, rolling countryside that has provided the backdrop for many episodes of Downton Abbey.

While those accolades may sound like the opposite of a boast, Lincolnshire does offer some of the finest day ticket carp fishing in the UK. From small, isolated farm ponds, to vast, sweeping gravel pits that contain specimens in excess of 40lb, Lincolnshire is a county that offers it all.

Carp Lakes Near Me In Lincolnshire

Let’s get straight into it and take a look at the best carp lakes that Lincolnshire has to offer.

ADH Fisheries (Alford)

ADH Fisheries is located in Strubby, around 8 miles from Alford.

The fishery is set within acres of beautiful countryside, at the foot of the Lincolnshire Wolds.

Canal Lake and Home Lake are stocked with a variety of coarse fish and are aimed at pleasure anglers. However, they do both have a good head of carp, with the largest reaching weights of approximately 15lb.

Image by: ADH Fisheries

Specimen Lake is a 3.5 acre water with an average depth of around 6ft and 8 large swims, enabling each angler to have an ample area of the lake in which to fish. There are plenty of features, with central islands, deep holes and beds of lily pads among the favourites. The lake is stocked with 140 carp, with average weights of mid/upper double-figures, up to a lake record of over 40lb. More than 30% of the carp weigh in excess of 20lb.

There are male and female toilets on-site, with shower facilities available for overnight anglers.

All fishing must be booked in advance, with day tickets costing £15 and 24 hour tickets priced at £25.

ADH Fisheries At A Glance:

Name: ADH Fisheries

Location: Alford, LN13 0PF

Biggest Carp: 40lb+

Lake Size: 3.5 acres

Price: From £15

Call: 07834 596 105

Alvingham Lakes (Louth)

Alvingham Lakes is located in Alvingham, approximately 4 miles from Louth.

This fishery is situated on a caravan site and is set within 6 acres of beautiful countryside, close to the Lincolnshire Wolds.

While this fishery is by no means a specimen fishery, both of the lakes are stocked with carp, giving visiting anglers a good chance of some rod bending action.

Monkey Lake is a small coarse water with 23 pegs. Stocked with a good head of various species, it holds carp up to 18lb.

Image by: Alvingham Lakes

At around 1 acre in size, Grass Lake is considered to be the specimen lake of the complex. It is surrounded by mature trees and has a feature island in the centre. The water is well stocked with mirrors, commons, grass and koi carp, with the biggest fish crossing the 20lb barrier.

Male and female toilet facilities are available on-site, as well as facilities to enable anglers to prepare their own drinks and snacks.

Day tickets at this cosy Lincolnshire fishery start at £6, with night tickets available for £15 and 24 hour tickets priced at £20. Each of those tickets is subject to an additional charge of £3 if the angler wishes to use 2 rods.

Alvingham Lakes At A Glance:

Name: Alvingham Lakes

Location: Louth, LN11 7EU

Biggest Carp: 20lb+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £6

Call: 01507 328 777

Aylesby Lake (Grimsby)

Aylesby Lake fishery is located in Aylesby, around 4 miles from Grimsby.

Set in the northeast of Lincolnshire, this peaceful fishery boasts a 2 acre lake that has 42 pegs. Multiple beds of lily pads are positioned around the perimeter of the lake, with an island occupying the central area. This is an extremely mature lake which is surrounded by greenery and trees.

Image by: Aylesby Lake

As a mixed coarse fishery, the lake is stocked with bream, chub and tench in addition to carp, the average weights of which are in the region of low/mid double-figures. A number of specimens have crossed the 20lb barrier, with the lake record getting close to the 30lb barrier.

Toilets are available on-site and many of the local takeaways will deliver to the gate.

Night fishing is available for members only, while day tickets can be purchased for just £6.

Aylesby Lake At A Glance:

Name: Aylesby Lake

Location: Grimsby, DN37 9NU

Biggest Carp: 25lb+

Lake Size: 2 acres

Price: From £6

Call: 07944 619 711

Bainside Coarse Fishery (New York)

Bainside Coarse Fishery is located in Kirkby-on-Bain, approximately 6 miles from New York. (No, not that New York!)

The complex includes holiday homes and a caravan/camping site in addition to the 1.75 acre lake.

The lake has an elongated shape and the central island almost divides it into 2 separate bodies of water. The perimeter is surrounding by hedgerows and mature trees, giving a real feeling of peace and tranquility.

Image by: Bainside Coarse Fishery

As a mixed coarse fishery, the lake does contain roach, rudd and bream, with the latter reaching weights of over 12lb. As well as commons and mirrors, the lake also contains grass carp in excess of 20lb. The lake record is close to 30lb.

Toilet and shower facilities are available for overnight anglers at this Lincolnshire fishery, while food and drink orders can be placed with the bailiff for delivery to your peg.

Day tickets are valid for 12 hours and are priced at £8 for 2 rods. Overnight tickets are also valid for 12 hours and are priced at £10 for 2 rods. During the winter period, the prices are reduced.

Bainside Coarse Fishery At A Glance:

Name: Bainside Coarse Fishery

Location: New York, LN10 6YL

Biggest Carp: 20lb+

Lake Size: 1.75 acres

Price: From £8

Call: 01526 352 050

Carp Lakes Near Me

Still not found your perfect lake? Choose from over 500 day ticket carp lakes with our comprehensive UK guide

Bain Valley Fisheries (Coningsby)

Bain Valley Fisheries is located in Tattershall Thorpe, around 2 miles from the village of Coningsby.

There are 8 lakes in total on the complex, 2 of which are syndicate lakes (Wellington Lake and Lancaster Lake) while Mosquito Lake is now used as a stock pond (it was previously a trout lake).

Spitfire Lake and Hurricane Lake are both roughly 2 acres in size with 16 pegs on each lake. While both of these lakes are aimed at pleasure anglers, the lake record carp in Spitfire Lake is in excess of 20lb.

Halifax Lake covers approximately 8 acres of water and boasts 35 pegs. It is heavily stocked with coarse fish, with rudd, roach and tench all present to around 4lb. With that being said, carp are the main target species and, while the majority of them are single-figures, the lake record is in excess of 26lb.

Image by: Lakes Breaks

Beaufighter Lake (pictured) is a sizeable runs water with several islands. Heavily stocked with carp, its residents reach up to 24lbs.

With 40 pegs to choose from, Stirling Lake is the largest water at the fishery. It is popular with carp anglers and is well-stocked with common, mirror and ghost carp up to 28lbs. Pleasure anglers also like to target the bream, perch and tench (the latter of which exceed 7lb).

Day tickets are valid from 6am-Sunset and are priced at £8 for 1 rod (a charge of £2 applies for the use of a 2nd rod). Night fishing is possible at this Lincolnshire fishery and 24 hour tickets cost £25. (All night fishing must be booked in advance).

Bain Valley Fisheries At A Glance:

Name: Bain Valley Fisheries

Location: Coningsby, LN4 4PQ

Biggest Carp: 28lb+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £8

Call: 01526 342 275

Hunters Lodge Fishery (Brigg)

Hunters Lodge Fishery is set in the heart of Lincolnshire Wolds, approximately 5 miles from the market town of Brigg.

There are 4 lakes on the complex, comprising of 3 specimen lakes and 1 coarse lake. All lakes are naturally spring-fed.

Arguably the trickiest water of the complex, Kestrel Lake has only 6 pegs, so it is advisable to book the swims in advance. The lake is surrounded by trees and hedgerows and has a central island. The smaller carp and silver fish are removed from the lake on a regular basis to maximise the growth of the larger fish. Common, mirror and ghost carp are present, with the current lake record weighing in excess of 32lbs.

Willows Lake is the runs water at Hunters Lodge Fishery. It has 7 swims and is home to a number of fish that have crossed the 20lb barrier. The average size is low/mid double-figures and the lake record is currently 28lb 2oz.

Image by: Hunters Lodge Fishery

Kingfisher Lake is the newest addition at Hunters Lodge Fishery. This intimate lake has 4 swims and an abundance of features. Mature margins, varying depths and 2 small islands gives every carp angler food for thought.

Again, the average size is low/mid double-figures, with a good head of larger carp up to a lake record of 25lb.

Toilet facilities are available for anglers and there is an on-site cafe that serves food on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday. There is also a tackle shop that opens Thursday-Sunday and carries a good selection of bait and tackle.

A day ticket is valid from 7am until dusk and is priced at £10. A 24 hour ticket is valid from 4pm-4pm and costs £17. A day and night ticket is available for £23 and runs from 7am on the day of arrival until 4pm the following day.

Hunters Lodge Fishery At A Glance:

Name: Hunters Lodge Fishery

Location: Brigg, DN20 0RG

Biggest Carp: 32lb+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £10

Call: 01652 680 691

Lakeside Fishery (Horncastle)

Lakeside Fishery is set in 7 acres of beautiful countryside on the edge of the Lincolnshire Wolds, around 6 miles from the town of Horncastle.

The venue offers a coarse fishery, tent and caravan grounds and few static holiday lodge options. There are shower and toilet facilities on site.

Dating back to over 100 years as a reconstructed old quarry, Main Lake is now a 2 acres water with 13 pegs.

This mature lake is naturally spring-fed and is surrounded by trees and greenery, giving the feeling of tranquility and quietness to its anglers.

Image by: Lakeside Fishery

Main Lake is stocked with a good head of coarse fish, however it will very much appeal to serious carp enthusiasts with its carp record at 35lbs+. There are also pike to 33lbs+, tench and bream to 10lbs+ and other species.

There are toilet and shower facilities on-site and freshly cooked food can be ordered in advance and delivered to your peg.

Day ticket costs 6gbp for 2 rods, night fishing can be arranged with the owners on a case to case basis.

Lakeside Fishery At A Glance:

Name: Lakeside Fishery

Location: Horncastle, LN9 5NW

Biggest Carp: 35lb+

Lake Size: 2 acres

Price: From £6

Call: 07572 945 041

Langdale Lakes (Lincoln)

Langdale Lakes fishery is located in the rural village of Langworth, approximately 6 miles from Lincoln.

Covering 8.5 acres, this Lincolnshire complex is primarily a bed & breakfast and caravan leisure park which is only available for bookings for people aged 18 or older.

All the facilities that you would expect from a caravan leisure park are available here, along with 2 fishing lakes.

Willow Lake is just under 1.5 acres in size and is generously stocked with coarse fish. This is known as the pleasure lake of the complex.

While it does hold a lot of silver fish, don’t let fool you into thinking that there are no carp present here. Admittedly, the general stamp of fish in this lake is smaller than in Lily Lake, but there are some surprises to be had, with the lake record weighing in excess of 20lb when captured.

Image by: Langdale Lakes

Lily Lake is a beautiful and mature water, which has been used as a fishing lake since the 1960s. Tree-lined margins, numerous beds of lily pads and depths that vary from 3ft-8ft are just some of the features on this lake.

At only 1.5 acres in size, it is stocked with a good head of carp. While the majority of the stock are low double-figures, there are many carp in upper double-figure bracket and a number that have crossed the 20lb barrier. The current lake record tipped the scales at 26lb.

Flushing toilets and a small kitchen are situated near to the lakes for convenience.

Day tickets include the use of 2 rods and are priced at £8 on weekdays and £10 on weekends. An additional rod can be used (maximum of 3 rods) and incurs a fee of £1. A 24 hour ticket is valid from 9am-9am and is priced at £20.

Langdale Lakes At A Glance:

Name: Langdale Lakes

Location: Lincoln, LN3 5BB

Biggest Carp: 26lb+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £8

Call: 01522 752 414

Other Day Ticket Carp Lakes Near Lincolnshire:

Norton Disney [Embryo Angling] (Norton Disney)

Norton Disney Lakes are located in the small village of Norton Disney, around 12 miles from Lincoln.

Embryo Angling’s Norton Disney complex really needs no introduction. The day ticket mecca was purchased by Danny Fairbrass’ not-for-profit organisation Embryo Angling for £1.2m and has quickly become one of the most popular day ticket lakes in the region.

The complex boasts a number of lakes which offer different challenges to each other, from well-stocked runs waters to low-stocked specimen waters. Let’s take a look at what all the fuss is about.

Norton Disney: Billy’s Lake

Billy’s Lake is the largest on the Norton Disney complex at 27 acres. The fish stocks are also the largest, with more than 1,000 carp present in its depths.

There are 22 pegs on Billy’s Lake, so there is plenty of water for each angler to target, with varying depths and vast weed beds to find.

There is a good head of double-figure carp in this lake, backed up by a generous number of fish that have crossed the 20lb barrier. The lake record is already in excess of 32lb and the carp are growing fast!

Norton Disney: Hodgett’s Lake

Hodgett’s Lake is the runs water of the Norton Disney complex. There are more than 1,000 carp in this 10 acre lake, giving an average of more than 100 carp per acre of water (even I would struggle to blank here!)

There are 9 well-spaced pegs, meaning each angler has in excess of 1 acre of water in which to fish.

The average size is currently low/mid double-figures, but the fish are seeing a lot of bait and are quickly packing on the weight. Several fish have tipped the scales at over 20lb, with the lake record in the mid-20lb bracket. I am sure that this lake will produce its first 30lb+ carp in the not-too-distant future.

Image by: Embryo Angling

Norton Disney: Holden’s Lake

Holden’s Lake is the deepest lake on this Lincolnshire complex, with depths of up to 30ft in the middle. With 10 pegs spread over its 11 acres of water, it offers a similar ratio of water-per-angler as the other lakes here.

With just over 400 carp residing here, it is clear to see that this is going to become one of the “big-fish” lakes at Norton Disney. The carp have been supplied by Simon Scott & Viv Shears at VS Fisheries and Mark Simmonds at Heather Fisheries, with all fish showing impressive growth rates so far.

A good head of 20lb+ fish are present, up to a lake record which is just shy of 30lb. If the fish continue to grow at the rate they have so far, it won’t be long before some of these specimens get close to the 40lb barrier.

Norton Disney: Pettitt’s Lake

Pettitt’s Lake is in the centre of the Norton Disney complex, which is quite fitting as it is likely to be the centre of attention for many years to come.

Covering 16 acres of water with only 13 pegs, each angler has plenty of room (so there is absolutely no excuse for casting into someone else’s peg!)

With just 250 fish in this lake, you will have to be on top of your game – but the rewards are there for the taking. The large majority of the fish in this lake are in excess of 20lb in weight, with multiple fish over the 30lb barrier and several that are close to the magical 40lb mark.

Norton Disney: Stock’s Lake

Shaped like a golf club, Stock’s Lake has 11 pegs which are staggered on opposite sides of the lake.

Extending to 8 acres in size, the layout of the pegs allows each angler to maximise the water in front of them. With shallow margins and deeper areas towards the middle, the right tactics will see bites coming at all times of the year.

Stock’s Lake holds approximately 400 carp which currently boast an average size of low/mid double-figures. There is a good head of 20lb+ fish, with several specimens close to the 30lb barrier.

Norton Disney: Turner’s Lake

Turner’s Lake is home to the complex record at Norton Disney.

With 16 pegs spread out over the 18 acres of water, there’s plenty of water in each peg to tempt one of the 900+ carp that reside here.

The current complex record weighed in excess of 40lb when captured from Turner’s Lake, and there are several others that will likely tip the scales at similar weights the next time they grace someone’s net at this fantastic Lincolnshire complex.

All nets, mats and slings are provided by the fishery, so you must not bring your own. The house pellet is available to buy on-site and is priced at £10 for 5kg or £45 for 25kg.

Day tickets are valid for 12 hours and are priced at £14. Longer/overnight sessions are possible and are priced at £28 per 24 hour period.

Norton Disney Lakes At A Glance:

Name: Norton Disney Lakes

Location: Lincoln, LN6 9QH

Biggest Carp: 40lb+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £28

Call: 07497 183 976

Old Mill Lakes (Market Rasen)

Old Mill Lakes is located on the edge of Lincolnshire Wolds, approximately 3 miles from Market Rasen.

One of the most popular venues in Lincolnshire, Old Mill Lakes thoroughly deserves the wonderful reputation that it has built up.

Fish care is the highest priority of the owners, closely followed by thorough maintenance of the lakes and immediate surroundings, allowing anglers to enjoy the peace and tranquility on offer in this beautiful part of the country.

Willow Lake is the deepest lake of the complex, with depths that vary from 3ft to 17ft and an average depth of around 6ft. At 3 acres in size, the lake has 6 pegs that run along one bank, making this the ideal venue for a social with friends.

With 150 carp swimming in the depths, it offers a decent carp-per-acre ratio. What makes this lake even more astounding is that 1-in-3 of the stock in this lake are in excess of 30lb in weight. The lake record mirror weighed over 40lb when captured, while the lake record common tipped the scales at an impressive 45lb!

If you are looking for a few bites, Oak Lake definitely provides the best chance of some action at Old Mill Lakes. With approximately 700 carp in 8 acres of water, the opportunities are there for the taking.

Commons, mirrors, leathers and linears have all been banked to over 30lb in weight, with the current lake record crossing 36lb. It is estimated that there are 50 different 30lb+ fish in the lake, with a huge number of 20lb+ fish in support.

With average depths of around 7ft and nice deep margins, bites can be taken from anywhere on this lake.

Image by: Old Mill Lakes

Alder Lake is a 3 acre water that is only available for exclusive bookings. It can be booked as follows:

  • Weekend = 2pm Friday-10am Monday
  • Midweek = 2pm Monday-10am Friday
  • Weekly = Monday 2pm-Monday 10am or Friday 2pm-Friday 10am

There are approximately 250 carp present, with the lake record already in excess of 40lb. Multiple fish have crossed the 30lb barrier, while the average size is now upper double figures.

When booking Alder Lake, you have exclusive access to the lake, complete with a luxury lodge and hot tub.

Although not a “typical” day ticket lake, Birch Lake is the main lake of the complex. It covers 8 acres of water and boasts 20 pegs with various depths.

Although Birch Lake can be fished on a day ticket basis, anyone wishing to do so must hold a membership. In order to obtain a membership, you must either be recommended by an existing member, or become familiar with the owners by fishing Willow Lake or Oak Lake. The membership cost is a one-off fee of £200.

Birch Lake is separated into almost into 2 different parts by a long spit of land (this is where the original 4.5 acre lake was extended to make it into the larger lake that we know today). With several smaller spits and 8 islands, there is certainly no lack of features here.

The stock in Birch Lake is what makes it so popular and has driven it towards becoming one of the most sought-after lakes in the country. Considering that it was only excavated in the spring of 2011 makes it even more incredible!

As of 2021, there are:

  • 60lb+ = 1 fish
  • 50lb+ = 7 different fish
  • 40lb+ = 27 different fish
  • 30lb+ = 81 different fish

If that mind-blowing amount of specimen carp wasn’t enough, there is also an incredible number of 20lb+ fish, many of which are products of successful breeding at Old Mill Lakes.

The Old Mill Lakes complex boasts flushing toilets, wash basins and hot showers. There is also a tap to enable anglers to replenish their drinking water. The local shops are a 5 minute drive away, though the gates are only unlocked for 2 hours each day for security reasons.

The minimum booking at Old Mill Lakes is 24 hours during the week, or 48 hours at weekends (Friday & Saturday night). Tickets are priced at £35 per 24 hours, with discounts available for bookings of 72 hours or more.

Old Mill Lakes At A Glance:

Name: Old Mill Lakes

Location: Market Rasen, LN8 3YJ

Biggest Carp: 62lbs+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £35

Call: 07767 363 545

Richmond Lakes (North Hykeham)

Richmond Lakes fishery is located in North Hykeham, around 4 miles from Lincoln.

As soon as you arrive you can tell that this Lincolnshire fishery has been created and is being maintained with professional and serious carp enthusiasts in mind. The complex has 2 lakes, with all fishing requiring advanced booking.

Back Lake is a 16 acre lake that has a variety of features, with 5 tree-lined islands, mature margins and lily pads.

The lake is stocked with around 600 carp, with average weights currently around mid-double figures. There are at least 70 fish that have been captured at over 20lb in weight.

Image by: Richmond Lakes

Front Lake covers 18 acres of water and has only 11 swims. Surrounded by trees and hedges, this is a very mature lake with a host of features including islands, flowers and lily pads. The lake is home to around 450 English born and bred carp, 100 of which exceed 20lbs (with at least 30 fish over 25lbs). The lake record weighs in excess of 37lbs.

The fish in both lakes respond well to a boilie-only approach. All nuts are prohibited.

All fishing must be pre-booked, with 24 hour sessions on both lakes being priced at £20. For anglers wishing to fish Front Lake on weekends, the minimum booking is for 48 hours.

Richmond Lakes At A Glance:

Name: Richmond Lakes

Location: North Hykeham, LN6 8QY

Biggest Carp: 37lbs+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £20

Call: 07818 800 300

Water Meadows Fishery (Skegness)

Set on the east coast of the country, Water Meadows Fishery is located in Chapel St Leonards, approximately 6 miles from Skegness.

The fishery boasts a total of 4 lakes, with Horse Shoe Lake and Moat Lake both aimed at pleasure anglers.

Rush Pool is the runs water of the complex, stocked with both carp and catfish. With only 6 pegs, there is plenty of water for all anglers to target the specimens that reside here, with carp to over 30lb and catfish to over 40lb.

Image by: Water Meadows Fishery

Meadow Lake is the specimen lake of this Lincolnshire complex and, until 2018, this 3.5 acre lake was operated as a syndicate. The owners decided that it would be better as a day ticket lake and invested lots of time and resources to remove a lot of the weed and stock some additional carp for the future.

Although it is a challenging lake, there are many fish that have crossed the 20lb barrier, several that have exceeded 30lb in weight and a lake record that was in excess of 40lb the last time it was captured.

There is an on-site tackle shop and there are toilet facilities that can be accessed at the caravan park, located near the venue.

Day tickets are priced at £15, while 24 hours tickets are available for £25. All bookings can be made online and there are discounts of up to 50% available during the winter months.

Name: Water Meadows Fishery

Location: Skegness, PE25 5UA

Biggest Carp: 40lbs+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £15

Call: 01754 879 600


Lincolnshire is home to some of the finest carp fishing lakes in the United Kingdom and attracts plenty of holidaymakers and locals alike.

Whether you are looking for an easy runs water, a big pit for a season-long campaign or a luxury venue with a hot tub and a lodge, you will find what you need here.

Have you ever fished at any of these Lincolnshire venues? If you have, which lake is your favourite? Please let me know in the comments.