Carp Fishing Lakes In West Sussex: Best Day Ticket Venues

While West Sussex might be most famous for its quaint villages, the South Downs National Park and Winnie The Pooh, it is also home to some of the finest day ticket carp fishing lakes in the south-east region.

Due to its close proximity to London and excellent transport links, West Sussex attracts anglers in search of excellent carp fishing and beautiful countryside from its neighbouring counties and beyond.

In alphabetical order, let’s take a look at some of the finest day ticket carp fishing lakes that West Sussex has to offer.

Alderwood Ponds (Worthing)

Alderwood Ponds is located in Steyning, around 9 miles from Worthing.

The 3 ponds on the Alderwood complex have been established for more than 30 years and each pond offers anglers a different experience.

Dave’s Pond is suitable for anglers who have disabilities and, along with Corsican Pond, has the convenience of being able to drive to every peg.

Image by: Alderwood Ponds

Island Pond is the main lake on the complex and stands at around 2 acres in size. As the name suggests, it has an island which is located almost in the centre of the lake and is an obvious hot spot for carp. The margins should also never be ignored. The lake record carp stands in excess of 38lb, though the average size is around the low/mid double-figure mark at this West Sussex venue.

Toilet facilities and drinking water are both available on-site. Well-behaved dogs are permitted.

Day tickets run from 7am-7pm and start from £14 with concessions available for children/disabled/OAP anglers. Night fishing must be booked in advance and costs £27 for 24 hours.

Alderwood Ponds At A Glance:

Name: Alderwood Ponds

Location: Worthing, BN44 3AA

Biggest Carp: 38lb+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £14

Call: 07713 468 264

Five Oaks Fishery (Horsham)

Five Oaks Fishery is located in Slinfold, approximately 6 miles from Horsham.

There are 2 day ticket lakes on the complex, both of which cover around 3 acres of water and offer an abundance of features.

Image by: Five Oaks Fishery

The carp here are certainly not the biggest in West Sussex, but they may well be some of the prettiest. The lake record is in excess of 25lb and the weights continue to increase year on year.

Toilets facilities are available on-site and there is secure car parking.

Day tickets are priced at £10 and run from 7am during the week (from 5:30am at weekends) and are valid until sunset. A 24 hour ticket costs £20.

Five Oaks Fishery At A Glance:

Name: Five Oaks Fishery

Location: Horsham, RH13 0RH

Biggest Carp: 25lb+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £10

Call: 07801 025 342

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Furnace Lakes Fishery (Horsham)

Furnace Lakes Fishery is located in Clemsfold, around 7 miles from Horsham.

This is arguably the most famous day ticket fishing complex in the whole of Sussex and is revered among carp anglers nationwide.

Kiln Lake, Specy Lake, Roman Lake, Plantation Lake, Furnace Lake and Hyes Lake are the 6 lakes that make up the Furnace Lakes Fishery complex, and each of them could be classed as specimen lakes.

Image by: Furnace Lakes Fishery

Kiln Lake is around 5 acres in size, has 17 pegs and holds carp to over 40lb. Funnily enough, carp aren’t the #1 target on this lake. That accolade is held by “The Kiln Monster”, an enormous catfish that is estimated to weigh in the region of 140lb!

Specy Lake is one of the smaller lakes on the complex at around 3 acres. There are no catfish in Specy Lake, only carp which go up to the 30lb mark. This is one of the easier waters at Furnace Lakes Fishery with many of the fish coming from the central island or margins.

Roman Lake holds carp to over 40lb and has a stock of monster catfish to over 100lbs! There are commons, mirrors, ghosties, koi and grass carp present here.

Image by: Furnace Lakes Fishery

Plantation Lake is arguably the most difficult lake on the complex, but also holds the largest carp, which go to over 50lb. Catfish are also stocked in this 6 acre lake and the largest resident is approaching the 140lb barrier. This is arguably one of the finest looking lakes in the UK.

Furnace Lake is heavily stocked with hard fighting carp and it often produces 20+ fish during a day session. Although the stock levels are high, this doesn’t necessarily mean that you will only be plagued by small carp. In fact, there are multiple fish in the 20lb+ and 30lb+ brackets, and the lake record tipped the scales at over 40lb.

Hyes Lake is the runs water of the complex. At 2.5 acres, it is the smallest lake on the complex and is heavily stocked with carp between low double figures to around the 30lb mark. There is still the odd surprise to be had here, as the lake record is in excess of 42lb.

Each lake has a lodge with cooking facilities that can be used by all anglers and all lakes have permanent toilets. Elsewhere on the complex is a well-stocked tackle shop that can cater to most anglers’ needs.

Prices for day tickets at this west Sussex venue range between £22 to £30 and 24 hour tickets start from £35. A complimentary transport service to your peg via ATV is included with the purchase of a 24 hour ticket (no need to bring your barrow!)

Furnace Lakes Fishery At A Glance:

Name: Furnace Lakes Fishery

Location: Horsham, RH13 0QZ

Biggest Carp: 50lb+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £22

Call: 01403 791 163

Menards Carp Fishery (Horsham)

Menards Carp Fishery is located in Mannings Heath, approximately 3 miles from Horsham.

Menards Carp Fishery operates a membership programme that gives a discount on each booking. The membership costs £50 per year.

Rapidly becoming one of the premier carp venues in the region, Menards has a strict stock management policy that allows their home-grown fish to flourish. This tactic seems to be working, with many of their own fish having already crossed the magical 30lb barrier.

The lake itself is 6 acres in size and boasts 4 islands among its wealth of features. The average depth is around 6ft, though the areas around the bars and plateaus see levels range from 2ft to 12ft.

Image by: Menards Carp Fishery

Menards have mirrors and commons that have both exceeded 40lb in weight and the lake record currently stands at a massive 52lb. One of the target fish is a ghostie called Casper who is around 40lb in weight.

Toilets and showers are available on-site for all anglers. A microwave is available for heating meals, though many local takeaways will deliver to the gate. There is also a well-stocked tackle and bait shop.

Day tickets at this delightful West Sussex venue run from 6am-6pm and are only available from Monday to Thursday. They are priced at £30 for non-members or £25 for members. A 24 hour ticket costs £40 for non-members or £35 for members. Further discounts are available for longer bookings.

Menards Carp Fishery At A Glance:

Name: Menards Carp Fishery

Location: Horsham, RH13 6PG

Biggest Carp: 52lb+

Lake Size: 6 acres

Price: From £30

Call: 01403 243 213

Sumners Ponds Fishery (Horsham)

Sumners Pond Fishery is located in Barns Green, around 6 miles from Horsham.

Sumners Ponds Fishery is a day ticket only venue for non-members. Night fishing is exclusively for annual membership holders, with prices starting from £150.

There are a total of 5 lakes on the Sumners Ponds Fishery complex, 3 of which are aimed at pleasure anglers and 2 specimen lakes.

Betty’s Lake is the newest lake on the complex and is without doubt the most challenging. This lake has been well stocked with mirrors and commons and the lake record is currently in excess of 35lb. The islands tend to be hot spots for the carp and the margins should never be ignored.

Image by: Sumners Pond Fishery

Sumners Lake is the biggest lake on the complex and also holds the biggest fish. It is around 4 acres in size and, although there are other species present, the lake record carp is over 39lb. The margins are very productive, with zig rigs working well during the summer months.

Day tickets at this West Sussex fishery are valid from 7am until dusk and cost £12 for the use of 2 rods. The use of a 3rd is permitted subject to capacity and costs an additional £3.

Sumners Ponds Fishery At A Glance:

Name: Sumners Pond Fishery

Location: Horsham, RH13 0PR

Biggest Carp: 39lb+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £12

Call: 01403 732 539

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Whitevane Carp Fishery (Horsham)

Whitevane Carp Fishery is located in Forest Grange, approximately 3 miles from Horsham.

This might just be the spookiest carp fishery in the country, with rumours of a ghost called the “White Lady” walking her dog as night falls. The area that she frequents is known as “Spooks Corner” and the majority of anglers avoid it, so there is always the potential to capitalise on the lack of angling pressure.

Image by: Whitevane Carp Fishery

The lake itself covers 10 acres of water and the depth varies from around 5ft in the margins to as much as 15ft in the deeper areas. Floating islands are present in addition to the natural islands, and fishing tight to these tends to yield the best results.

There are several carp in the lake that have crossed the 40lb barrier and these are well backed up by a number of 30lb+ fish and multiple fish in excess of 20lb.

There are toilet facilities on-site and there is secure car parking.

Day tickets at this prolific West Sussex fishery run from 7am-7pm and cost £25. A 24 hour ticket will set you back £40.

Whitevane Carp Fishery At A Glance:

Name: Whitevane Carp Fishery

Location: Horsham, RH13 6HX

Biggest Carp: 40lb+

Lake Size: 10 acres

Price: From £25

Call: 01293 852 684

Wintons Fishery (Haywards Heath)

Wintons Fishery is located in Burgess Hill, around 5 miles from Haywards Heath.

Wintons Fishery is a day ticket venue, but you must have a membership in order to fish. The membership costs £60 per year.

Kingfisher Lake is a carp-only water and extends to approximately 2 acres in size. It is home to the biggest carp on the complex, including 2 commons that have passed the 50lb barrier. There are only 6 pegs on Kingfisher Lake, ensuring that each angler has their own area of water to target at all times.

Image by: Wintons Fishery

Mallard Lake is the largest on the complex at just over 4 acres in size. In addition to carp of over 40lb, there is also a good stock of catfish in excess of 80lb. There are 2 islands in the middle of the lake which, along with the reed-lined margins, are hot spots for both species.

Heron Lake is classed as the easiest lake at Wintons Fishery. The largest carp in this lake have tipped the scales in the region of 35lb, but the star of the show is without doubt “Big Bad Barry”, a catfish whose weight has been hovering around the 100lb mark. There are 4 islands, weeping willows and countless other features on this picturesque lake.

There are toilets and showers available for use by all anglers and there is secure car parking. If you don’t want to cook, the management will happily recommend some local takeaways.

Day tickets at this West Sussex venue run from 7am-7pm and cost £25 for Mallard Lake and Heron Lake or £30 for Kingfisher Lake. 24 hour tickets cost £35 for Mallard and Heron Lake or £40 for Kingfisher Lake.

Wintons Fishery At A Glance:

Name: Wintons Fishery

Location: Haywards Heath, RH15 0DR

Biggest Carp: 50lb+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £25

Call: 01444 236 493


The south-east region has always been regarded as one of the finest carp fishing areas of the country, and it is easy to see why.

Whether you are looking for a well-stocked runs water, or you are targeting a personal best 30lb+, 40lb+ or even 50lb+ carp, West Sussex has a lake to satisfy even the most demanding carp angler.

Have you fished any of the lakes in this article? If so, please let me know how you got on the comments.