Birthday Success For Luke Jennings At Todber Manor

Wadmill Lake on the Todber Manor Fisheries complex was the venue of choice for Carp Smart team member Luke Jennings’ recent celebration.

As this was a social session for Luke’s birthday, watercraft went out of the window and he bivvied up in the third peg of the four that we occupied, directly in front of one of the central islands.

With the thermometer showing a balmy 15*c, minimal wind and the air pressure falling nicely, the conditions were ideal for Wadmill Lake to throw up even more bites than it usually does.

Whenever possible, Luke will always adopt a stealthy approach and fish at least one rod in the margin. His other two rods were positioned on clear spots in front of the island, with all three rods offering wafters on a simple KD rig.

It wasn’t long until Luke’s right-hand rod was away. After a short battle, he slipped the net under a low-double common and the dreaded blank had been avoided.

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For any of you that have fished Wadmill Lake, you will know that you are almost always “on the fish” due to the sheer number of carp that reside there. With that being said, Luke’s tactics were obviously working, so he put the rod back on the same spot.

Within an hour of it getting dark, Luke was in again, though this time it was his left-hand rod that produced the bite. This fish gave a much better account of itself and after a solid battle, a mid-double mirror parted the mesh.

One of Wadmill Lake’s better looking residents at 17lb+

A lack of action in the hours of darkness ensured that Luke got a good nights sleep, but after the first brew of the morning he refreshed his hook baits and it didn’t take long for one of Wadmill Lake’s scaley residents to pick up his single offering.

The other side, equally as impressive

Just as Luke was starting to pack his gear away, another low-double common decided to soak his net and cradle to bring an end to yet another eventful session on the Todber Manor complex, which saw a total of 15 fish banked.

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