Specimen Carp Lakes In Norfolk: The Best Day Ticket Venues

Norfolk is arguably most famous for giving us Colman’s mustard and Kettle Chips, but if you delve a little deeper into this beautiful county, you will find that it also has a plethora of amazing day ticket carp lakes to offer.

Norfolk is very popular as a tourist destination for Brits who prefer to holiday in their home country, so there is no reason why you cannot combine a holiday with a spot of carp fishing. For anglers lucky enough to live in the region, there are plenty of lakes to choose from, all of which have a lot to offer in the way of specimen carp.

Not wanting to delay things any further, let’s get started and take a closer look (in alphabetical order) at some of the best day ticket carp fishing lakes in Norfolk.

Burgh Castle Fisheries (Great Yarmouth)

Burgh Castle Fisheries is located in Burgh Castle, around 5 miles from Great Yarmouth.

The complex consists of 3 lakes, but it is only the main carp lake that we are interested in.

At around 1.5 acres in size, it certainly isn’t the biggest lake in Norfolk, but it contains an enviable stocking of some of the finest carp in the east of England.

The lake boasts 2 islands and multiple gravel bars among its main features. Lily pads, reed beds and silt patches are among the other popular spots.

Image by: Burgh Castle Fisheries

The average size is mid/upper double figures and there are more than 50 carp in the 20lb-29lb bracket. There are 10 known carp that have crossed the 30lb barrier, and the lake record is a 38lb common called Spot.

There are male and female toilet facilities, as well as an on-site shop where you can buy a few essential items. Many of the local takeaways will deliver to the car park.

Day tickets for the carp lake are valid from 7am-7pm and are priced at £10. A 24 hour ticket will set you back £20.

Burgh Castle Fisheries At A Glance:

Name: Burgh Castle Fisheries

Location: Great Yarmouth, NR31 9PU

Biggest Carp: 38lb+

Lake Size: 1.5 acres

Price: From £10

Call: 07919 080 961

Catch 22 Fishery (Norwich)

Catch 22 Lakes is located in Lyng, approximately 12 miles from Norwich.

The complex comprises of a smaller, members only lake, and a larger, day ticket lake.

The day ticket lake is a former gravel pit that extends to 23 acres in size and has a total of 32 pegs, of which 10 are doubles. The Island Peg is situated on one of the three islands and is one of the most popular, hence it must be booked in advance.

The day ticket lake has really evolved under the current ownership and is almost unrecognisable from when it changed hands in the 1990s. As you would expect, it lake has a myriad of features, including shelves, bars, plateaus and gulleys. The water is as shallow as 3ft in some areas, while the deeper areas are in excess of 20ft.

Image by: Catch 22 Fishery

The carp stock is in excess of 2,000, the majority of which are commons. The lake consists of:

  • A good head of upper doubles and 20lb+ fish
  • 70 carp that exceed 30lb in weight
  • 5 specimens that are known to have crossed the magical 40lb barrier

The lake also has a number of bream who are partial to pellets, so it is recommended to minimise their use and go for carp-friendly particles or a boilie-only approach.

The perimeter of this wonderful Norfolk fishery is otter fenced and there are dip tanks for all landing nets, cradles and retention slings.

There is a cafe on-site that serves breakfasts and takeaway meals 6 days per week. The tackle shop is well-stocked with equipment and bait, and also has a second-hand section where you can pick up a barely used bargain! There are clean toilets and showers (the use of the showers incurs a small charge), fresh drinking water to replenish your bottles and the entire fishery is monitored by 24hr CCTV.

Day tickets are valid for 12 hours and are priced at £10. Anglers wanting to fish for 24 hours will be charged £25, while discounts are available for stays of 72 hours or more.

Catch 22 Fishery At A Glance:

Name: Catch 22 Fishery

Location: Norwich, NR9 5BQ

Biggest Carp: 45lb+

Lake Size: 23 acres

Price: From £10

Call: 01603 872 948

Cobbleacre Park (Norwich)

Cobbleacre Park is located in Hevingham, around 10 miles from Norwich.

This is a 5 lake complex that offers something for all anglers, regardless of what size or species of fish they are targeting. There are 3 lakes for pleasure fishing and 2 lakes that are more suited to carp anglers.

Adam’s Lake is a heavily stocked runs water that has a good head of carp, in addition to many other species. The lake covers roughly 3 acres of water and has depths that fluctuate between 3ft-7ft. There are plenty of double-figure carp that almost guarantee you a bit of rod bending action, and the lake record is in excess of 25lb.

Image by: Cobbleacre Park

Mario’s Lake extends to just over 3 acres in size and is the specimen lake of the complex. Stocked with tench, catfish and carp, this is where you can pit your wits against the largest fish that Cobbleacre has to offer. There are more than 70 carp that have crossed the 20lb barrier and multiple fish that have exceeded 30lb. The lake record tipped the scales at over 35lb.

Cobbleacre is a caravan park, so overnight anglers are able to use the toilets and showers. There is an on-site tackle shop that sells some essentials and bait, while local takeaways will deliver to the main gate if you don’t fancy cooking.

The prices at Cobbleacre are very reasonable, with a day ticket priced at £10 and a 24 hour session costing £20.

Cobbleacre Park At A Glance:

Name: Cobbleacre Park

Location: Norwich, NR10 5NL

Biggest Carp: 35lb+

Lake Size: 3.5 acres

Price: From £10

Call: 01603 754 305

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Cross Drove Fishery

Cross Drove Fishery is located in Hockwold-cum-Wilton, approximately 14 miles from Thetford.

The lake covers around 8 acres of water and boasts a multitude of islands, bridges, gravel bars and plateaus.

There are 70 pegs on the lake, with pegs 40-60 occupying the deeper areas of water that tend to be a favourite hang-out for the carp.

Image by: Cross Drove Fishery

While a lot of smaller carp do exist, there is a good head of double-figure fish, a number of fish in excess of 20lb and a lake record that weighed over 30lb when captured. In addition to carp, the lake also has a healthy stock of catfish, the largest of which was banked at a top weight of 60lb!

There are male and female toilets on-site and there are a number of local takeaways that will deliver to the main gate.

A day ticket that covers the use of 2 rods is priced at £10. Night fishing is also available at this beautiful Norfolk fishery, with 24 hour tickets costing £25.

Cross Drove Fishery At A Glance:

Name: Cross Drove Fishery

Location: Thetford, IP26 4JQ

Biggest Carp: 30lb+

Lake Size: 8 acres

Price: From £10

Call: 01842 828 102

Darrow Farm Fishery (Diss)

Darrow Farm Fishery is located in Westbrook Green, around 2 miles from Diss.

This is a relatively new fishery on the Norfolk carp circuit, having only been created in 2016. The lake itself is approximately 3 acres in size and has 9 all-weather pegs, with every peg created in such a way that each angler has their own area of water and features in front of them.

The lake depth ranges from 3ft to 9ft, with an average depth of 6ft. Finding the deep holes or the shallow plateaus can be the key to success on this lake, though most of the features do attract and hold carp.

Image by: Darrow Farm Fishery

All of the 115 carp in this lake are over 10lb in weight, and there is a wonderful mix of Harrow, Leney and Sutton strains. The average weight is mid/upper double figures, with a good head of 20lb+ fish and a handful that have already exceeded the 30lb barrier.

Unhooking mats, landing nets and weigh slings are provided by the fishery and there are toilets on-site.

Day tickets are priced at £10 (2 rods) or £15 (3 rods). Tickets for 24 hours are priced at £20 (2 rods) or £25 (3 rods). Discounts are available for anglers wishing to stay for longer periods of time.

Darrow Farm Fishery At A Glance:

Name: Darrow Farm Fishery

Location: Diss, IP22 4XY

Biggest Carp: 30lb+

Lake Size: 3 acres

Price: From £10

Call: 07737 533 146

Dents Farm Fishing Lakes (Downham Market)

Dents Farm Fishing Lakes is located in Hilgay, approximately 5 miles from Downham Market.

This is a mixed coarse fishery that consists of 5 lakes, all of which are stocked with carp.

Kingfisher Pond and Spinney Lake both have a good stock of carp that reach 15lb in the former and 22lb in the latter. These are the smallest lakes on the complex and are aimed at pleasure anglers.

Willow Lake has 30 pegs, so can become crowded during busy periods. This lake is triangular in shape and reaches depths of 15ft. Along with the other species that are stocked here, there is a good head of double-figure carp, with some that are over 20lb. The lake record is in excess of 30lb.

Image by: Dents Farm Fishing Lakes

2 Island Lake is another of the deeper lakes on the complex, with similar depths to Willow Lake. The stock levels are also similar, with carp averaging low double-figures, with some larger fish up to 30lb.

Farm Shop Lake is the original lake of the complex. This is a shallower lake, with an average depth of around 4ft. There are some deeper areas, which can be productive if located. It has some lovely looking original carp that have an average size of low/mid double figures and there are some 20lb+ fish present, with a lake record of over 30lb.

There is a large, gravel car park for anglers, situated near to both sites. There are toilets on-site, all of which have disabled access.

Day tickets are priced at £10 for anglers wishing to use 2 rods. Unfortunately, night fishing is not allowed at this charming Norfolk fishery.

Dents Farm Fishing Lakes At A Glance:

Name: Dents Farm Fishing Lakes

Location: Downham Market, PE38 0QH

Biggest Carp: 30lb+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £10

Call: 07979 954 354

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Narborough Fisheries (Kings Lynn)

Narborough Fisheries is located in Narborough, around 10 miles from Kings Lynn.

The complex consists of 2 fly fishing lakes, 2 mixed coarse lakes and Millers, which is the main specimen lake.

Millers Lake is approximately 1 acre in size and has 8 pegs, of which 2 are doubles, making them perfect for social sessions.

Image by: Narborough Fisheries

There are roughly 50 carp swimming in the depths of Millers Lake, with an average size of mid-double figures. There are multiple 20lb+ fish boasting some of the most beautiful scale patterns ever seen in Norfolk. The lake record is in excess of 30b.

There is a small shop on-site that stocks some essential items of fishing tackle, as well as drinks, snacks and ice cream. The toilets and showers are both finished to a high standard, and can be used by anglers and holiday park guests.

A day ticket for Millers Lake is valid for a maximum of 12 hours and costs £13. For 24 hours, the price is simply doubled to £26.

Narborough Fisheries At A Glance:

Name: Narborough Fisheries

Location: Kings Lynn, PE32 1TE

Biggest Carp: 30lb+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £13

Call: 01760 338 005

Oakwood Park Lakes (Thetford)

Oakwood Park Lakes is located in Hockwold-cum-Wilton, approximately 14 miles from Thetford.

The complex consists of an ornamental lake, a coarse fishing lake and a predator lake, all set within 33 acres of secluded woodland.

The predator lake covers just under 5 acres of water and has a predominantly silt bottom. It is fed by natural springs and has depths that range from 3ft in the shallow areas, to as much as 10ft in the deeper areas.

Image by: Oakwood Park Lakes

Carp and catfish reside in the well-stocked predator lake, with the former reaching weights of over 35lb and the latter being in excess of 120lb, making them among the largest in Norfolk.

Home cooked food can be purchased on-site, with a range of favourite meals, drinks and snacks all available. There are clean toilets and showers available for all anglers.

During the summer months, the minimum booking for this fishery is 24 hours, at a cost of £75. During the winter months, day tickets are available for £10, while the cost of a 24 hour ticket is reduced to £25.

Oakwood Park Lakes At A Glance:

Name: Oakwood Park Lakes

Location: Thetford, IP26 4JW

Biggest Carp: 30lb+

Lake Size: 5 acres

Price: From £25

Call: 01842 827 812

Taswood Lakes (Norwich)

Taswood Lakes is located in Flordon, around 10 miles from Norwich.

There are 7 lakes on the complex, 4 of which are aimed at carp anglers.

Spring Lake is heavily stocked with mirror, common, ghost and grass carp and is known as the runs water of the complex. There are a lot of single-figure fish present, but they are backed-up by a good head of doubles and a number of carp that exceed 20lb.

Broadwing Lake is mainly for members, though a limited number of tickets are available for anglers wishing to try their luck on this beautiful lake. All of the pegs are situated on one bank, allowing a greater area of water for each angler. The opposite bank is an obvious hotspot, as are the overhanging trees and lily pads. In addition, the shallow areas tend to be extremely productive during the warmer months, while the deeper holes come into their own during the winter. This certainly isn’t the easiest lake on the complex, but your patience could be rewarded with one of the many 20lb and 30lb carp that reside here.

Image by: Taswood Lakes

At 7 acres in size, Heron Lake is the biggest on the complex. The lake bed is predominantly silt and clay, with depths that vary between 3ft-6ft. Similar to Broadwing Lake, this is a relatively difficult water to fish, but there are many specimens on offer, with the lake record edging ever closer to the magical 40lb barrier.

Previously a trout fishery, Grove Lake was stocked with British carp that can be targeted from pegs along one side of the lake. Approximately 4 acres in size and with many features to find, the fish here respond well to most tactics. The average size is mid-double figures, with a good head of carp in excess of 20lb. The lake record tipped the scales at over 30lb.

The complex boasts a large fishing tackle shop that stocks a lot of equipment, bait and terminal tackle from all the major brands, along with a vending machine for fresh maggots. Food, drinks and snacks are also available, as well as a microwave if you wish to heat up food that you brought from home. There are toilet/shower facilities and a large, secure car park.

Day tickets are valid from 7am-6pm and are priced at £10 on Spring Lake, or £12 on Broadwing, Heron and Grove Lakes. Those prices remain consistent for night tickets, which run from 6pm-7am.

Taswood Lakes At A Glance:

Name: Taswood Lakes

Location: Norwich, NR15 1LX

Biggest Carp: 38lb+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £10

Call: 01508 470 919

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Waveney Valley Lakes (Harleston)

Waveney Valley Lakes is located in Wortwell, approximately 4 miles from Harleston.

There are 12 lakes in total, set within a complex of holiday homes. There are 9 lakes that are for the exclusive use of holiday homeowners, leaving 3 lakes that are fishable on a day ticket basis.

Kingfisher Pool is a small pond that is suitable for 2 anglers at a time. Although is does have a stock of some of the finest crucian carp in Norfolk, it is most suited to pleasure anglers.

Marsh Lake is around 1.5 acres in size and is shaped like a horseshoe. In addition to a healthy stock of carp, this is the only day ticket lake on the complex that has catfish, so it can be very popular. The average size carp is low/mid double figures and there are multiple 20lb+ fish to target. The lake record carp tipped the scales at over 32lb. If you fancy trying your luck with the catfish, the biggest residents are currently around 75lb in weight. The lake has 6 pegs in total, 3 of which are for the exclusive use of holiday home owners. The remaining 3 pegs can be booked by guest anglers, but the minimum booking is for 24 hours.

Image by: Waveney Valley Lakes

Heartsmere Lake is around 2 acres in size and has just 5 pegs. This is known as the most difficult lake on the complex, and is therefore suited to experienced carp anglers. There are approximately 70 carp in the lake, many of which are over 20lb, with several specimens crossing the 30lb barrier.

There is an on-site tackle shop and WiFi across the entire holiday park. Toilets and showers are available for use.

The minimum booking is for 24 hours and costs £26. Anglers are allowed to use a maximum of 3 rods.

Waveney Valley Lakes At A Glance:

Name: Waveney Valley Lakes

Location: Harleston, IP20 0EJ

Biggest Carp: 32lb+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £26

Call: 01986 788 676

Willowcroft Fishery (Kings Lynn)

Willowcroft Fishery is based at Pentney Lakes in Pentney, around 9 miles from Kings Lynn.

The fishery has 8 lakes in total, 7 of which may appeal to carp anglers.

Ghost Lake is heavily stocked with bream, roach, perch, pike and, you guessed it, ghost carp! This is one of the smallest lakes on the complex at just 1.5 acres, though it does have a good head of carp. The average size is low/mid double-figures and there are many fish that are 20lb+. The lake record is in excess of 30lb.

Millennium Lake is the most recent addition to the fishery. It covers approximately 5 acres of water and has an average depth of around 4ft, though the deepest areas do reach 12ft. The average size is smaller than the other lakes, but there is a good head of carp up to 20lb.

Cabin Lake is approximately 6 acres in size and has depths that vary between 3ft-20ft, with an average of around 8ft. This is a true specimen lake, with large perch, pike, catfish and carp residing here. The catfish have been captured at over 40lb in weight and there are carp in excess of 30lb, though the average weight is around the mid-double figure mark.

Catfish Lake has a central island and extends to around 3 acres in size. The name is quite confusing, as the main targets are the albino grass carp that live here. This is the only lake in the UK where you can fish for this rare species!

Image by: Willowcroft Fisheries

Ski Lake boasts a host of features, including islands, gravel bars and deep holes, with the latter reaching as much as 18ft. This is one of the more testing lakes on the complex, though the rewards are there for the taking, with the largest carp reaching weights of over 30lb.

Bird Lake is the biggest lake on the complex, and one of the largest day ticket waters in Norfolk, extending to a massive 40 acres. Having been established for more than 30 years and with unknown stock levels, this lake consistently throws up surprises, with carp in excess of 40lb present in the depths. Popular with all specimen anglers, there is a central island, reed-lined margins and varying depths among the main features.

The 5 acre Specimen Lake is the most popular lake with anglers who are hunting the bigger, more elusive fish. Bream, roach, perch, tench and pike have all grown to impressive sizes, though carp are the main target species. With average sizes of mid/upper double-figures and a good head of 20lb+ fish, there is every chance of a red letter session on this lake. Several fish in excess of 30lb have been captured, with the lake record standing at an impressive 34lb.

There are toilet facilities on-site, and the resident bailiff has a wealth of knowledge of all of the lakes and is always happy to give advice when requested.

Prices vary across the lakes, with day tickets available from £10. Night fishing is available on certain lakes, with 24 hour sessions priced at £25.

Willowcroft Fishery At A Glance:

Name: Willowcroft Fishery

Location: Kings Lynn, PE32 1LE

Biggest Carp: 40lb+

Lake Size: Various

Price: From £10

Call: 07543 688 301


With multiple opportunities to bank carp in excess of 40lb, it is easy to see why Norfolk is such a popular destination for carp anglers.

With that being said, there are also plenty of runs waters available for anglers wishing to get out and put a bend in the rod.

Have you ever fished any of the lakes listed? If you have, please let me know how you got on in the comments.