Carp Lakes Near Me: South West

Since carp fishing started to become popular in the late 1980s, it seems that fisheries in the south east have dominated many of the headlines. In more recent years, some of the day ticket lakes in the south west have really come into their own, and are now attracting anglers from all over the United Kingdom, all eager to catch some of the sought-after carp and enjoy the picturesque surroundings.

Coking Farm and Todber Manor in Dorset have seen their reputations grow enormously in recent years, becoming two of the most popular day ticket carp lakes in the south west, while Islands Carp Fishery, Acorn Carp Fishery and Horcott Lake also deserve special mentions.

For anglers looking to enjoy some carp fishing while on holiday, Cornwall has become an increasingly popular destination, while Devon is one of the go-to places for lake exclusives and is now home to some of the biggest carp in the south west of England.

The Best Day Ticket Carp Lakes In The South West

We have researched and visited each county across the south west to find the best carp lakes near to you. Whether you are looking to target some of the larger specimens in the area, or want to put a bend in the rod at a highly-stocked runs water, our ultimate south west day ticket lake guide should give you a number of options within close proximity to your home.

South West Carp Lakes

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Lower Tamar Lake At Sunset