Monofilament, Fluorocarbon Or Braid? Which Is Best For Carp?

Monofilament is probably the most popular mainline used by carp anglers and the wider angling community. That isn’t to say that it is better than fluorocarbon or braid, it just means that they have all been developed for use in different angling situations.

Monofilament: Popular And First To Market

Monofilament was first to the mass market, having been around in its original form since the late 1930s. It wasn’t that popular at first, with anglers having difficulty with casting due to its stiff appearance. By the late 1950s, nylon monofilament had improved massively and anglers who had been loyal to Dacron braided lines started using the newer, thinner monofilament.

Fluorocarbon: Invisible And More Resistant

In the early

Which Is The Best Mainline For Carp Fishing?

The best mainline for carp fishing depends entirely on the situation that you are fishing in.

In most circumstances, monofilament mainline will be sufficient. However, if you are fishing over gravel bars or mussel beds, you might want to consider fluorocarbon for its greater abrasion resistance.

Braided mainlines are banned on a lot of venues, mainly because of the actions of irresponsible anglers. If used correctly, I think that braided mainlines are perfectly safe.

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